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  • dia**********
  • 23/Sep/2022

Tubeat answered ALL my questions, their customer support is super fast and kind!
The packing was quicly and everything was perfectly packaged, the fee of the box was cheap!
Also their service for sending payment to another korean bank is Fast and easy to use.
in general the site is easy to understand!!
The storage is also a important point here, ive used A LOT of another address that have crazy fees , this

im super glad to have found and use this address, 100% recommend it
also they sent pretty gifts :D
Thank you to the persons working here, i wish you a happy and health life! ♥

  • atc*********
  • 22/Sep/2022

Staff was so kind, Good service, fast shipping

  • crr*******
  • 18/Sep/2022

Everything arrived perfectly! Thank you Tubeat Team

  • suo***
  • 15/Sep/2022

and one more huge thank you for the second package (which arrived perfectly and REALLY fast even though it was holidays!) and for being the most responsive service ever. keep up the good work,. hopefully we'll be together for a long time ♥

  • suo***
  • 15/Sep/2022

well, we’re here to express some love and gratitude to the best warehouse and buy/shipping service out there so far!

our impressions of using tubeat can be divided into several episodes. but let's start from the end – package forwarding and shipping! there's so much bubble wraps were used by tubeat to send our albums/inclusions. + we ordered custom packaging – and its quality exceeded all expectations! everything arrived safely, AND OMG tubeat put the benefit pcs in a special plastic case (god, this case is great. pcs didn't have a chance to get damaged – we will definitely save it and use it hehe!)

if we need to talk about other features of the service, then it is impossible not to highlight a few HUGE advantages, but review character restrictions will not allow us to express everything we want to say :с

so we just say thank you again!

  • jul*****
  • 13/Jun/2022

Compared to the existing service, tubeat is really cheap.
I especially love your exchange rate.

  • sti******
  • 18/May/2022

Love the buying service ~ so easy to use and it is free !

  • pro******
  • 17/May/2022

best proxy service ever !!
I've never seen a warehouse that provides arrival box image for free !!!!!

  • ser***
  • 16/May/2022

주말에 신청한 거라 늦어질까봐 걱정했는데 주말에도 가능하네요. 굿굿

  • luc*****
  • 13/May/2022

결제 너무 빠르네요. 이제 튜빗 없으면 어쩌나 싶어요~