Can I order some items from BunJang (번개장터)?

Send Payment
30/Sep/2022 15:12:35
Sure, you can.

Please request the seller from BunJang to provide bank account information.
Then, please send your money to him/her using our Send Payment service.

If you want to use "번개페이 (BunGae Pay)," please refer to the below.
1. Click the red button "바로구매 (Pay)."
2. Select the payment method as "택배거래 (Pay after the delivery)."
3. Please enter the delivery information.
   - Click the green letters "등록 (Register)" in the "배송지 (Delivery Information)" field.
   - Click the pencil icon.
   - Click the letter "주소 추가 (Add a delivery address)."
   - Enter the delivery information (Name, Phone number, address, and detailed address) and Click the red button "완료 (Complete)."
      * For name, please enter the name you entered when you joined Tubeat.
      * If you do not have a Korean phone number, please enter "010-7912-1508."
      * To enter the address, you should click the "주소 (address)," search the address to put "대륭테크노타운3차," which is the name of the building located in Tubeat warehouse.
      * For a detailed address, please put "1108호" and your private address code (A-XXXXXX).
4. Scroll down and Click the green letters "등록 (Register)" in the "다른 결제수단 (Payment method)" field.
   - Click the "무통장(가상계좌) (Virtual bank account)" and click one of them.
      * Any bank you want is okay, but "신한은행 (Shinhan Bank)" will be comfortable.
   - Click the red button "결제수단 적용하기 (Applied the payment method you selected)."
5. Click the check button for the Personal Information Protection Act announcement.
6. Click the red button "결제하기 (Pay)."
7. Keep the information of the virtual bank account and request a Send Payment service to send your money to the virtual bank account.

Regarding using Send Payment service, please refer to the below.
https://tubeat.world/en/center/faq-view.jsp?id=33 (How can I use the "Send Payment" service?)
https://youtu.be/ZTUbJJoRvk4 (How to use Tubeat Send Payment Service)

Please note that we wrote the instruction base on the PC version of BunJang (번개장터 / https://bunjang.co.kr/).
So, it can be different if you use the Mobile version of BunJang OR the BunJan APP.

Also, please carefully note that some people can wrongfully use BunJang (번개장터) to scam.
Tubeat is not responsible for any incorrect use of our send payment service caused by the customer's negligence.