Can you open the parcel and take a picture of the contents?

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21/Mar/2022 15:28:04
Yes, we can.

If you want to use an item photo service, please enter "[Item Photo]" and the accurate parcel ID in the "Other Requests" field (the bottom of the shipping details) when you request shipping your items.

[Request Item Photo Examples]

※ The item photo service will be charged an additional fee.
※ To process the item photo service, the outer box of the item will be opened. Accordingly, the item may not be possible to exchange OR to refund money. Tubeat is not responsible for that.
※ Your item photo requests can be rejected if they are hard to address. In that case, we will inform you individually, and the item photo service fee will not be charged.
※ The method of requesting an item photo service may be changed to a more convenient method in the future.