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Tubeat 1,360.58KRW
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Informing you on Tubeat.

I'll let you know everything that's going on at Tubeat.
Please read the following and feel free to let us know if you have any questions.

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[Shipping] Regarding pickup service for convenience store shipment (Changed Branch)

Hello, this is Tubeat.

We have offered a pickup service for convenience store shipment to provide a more convenient shipping service.

Unfortunately, we can not use the GS25금천우림점 (GS25 Geumcheon Woorim Branch) anymore. The branch no longer provides the covenience store shipment service. Accordingly, we need to change the branch to "GS25가리봉역점 (GS25 Garibong Station branch)." Please carefully note the modification if you want to use a pickup service for convenience store shipment.

The pickup service for convenience store shipment is a service in which when a seller sends some items to the convenience store designated by Tubeat, one of the Tubeat representatives visits the convenience store to pick them up and register them in the customer's warehouse list.

Please refer to the following instruction if you want to use this service.

* The service fee: 2,000 KRW per parcel
Please gently understand that we need to charge an additional fee for the pickup service because we should send one of our representatives to pick up your item.

* How to use the pickup service for convenience store shipment:
   1) Ask the seller to ship the item to the convenience store designated by Tubeat
      - When using the GS25 convenience store, please send the item to "GS25가리봉역점 (GS25 Garibong Station Branch)."
      - When using the CU convenience store, please send the item to "CU가산대륭3차점 (CU Gasan Daeryung 3rd Branch)."
   2) Check whether the seller has sent the item
   3) Request the seller to provide a QR code and a local tracking number for the item when the seller has sent the item
  4) Request a pickup service for the convenience store shipment via our customer support center. Please let us know the below information.
      - The date of shipment
      - The name of the seller (The name of the sender)
  - The name of the convenience store where the item arrived (the convenience store designated by Tubeat / "GS25가리봉역점 (GS25 Garibong Station Branch" OR "CU가산대륭3차점 (CU Gasan Daeryung 3rd Branch)")
      - The local tracking number provided by the seller
      - The QR code provided by the seller (You can click the "Choose File" to upload the image file of the QR code)
  5) As soon as we find your inquiry, one of our representatives will pick it up and register it to your "Warehouse" list. It will take about 1~3 business days.

* The information for the recipient
   - The name of the recipient: (주)인튜브 (Intube Co., Ltd.)
   - The contact information of the recipient: 070-8672-9618 / 010-7912-1508

If the package leaves more than 3 days from the date it arrived at the convenience store, it can be returned to the seller, and the seller should pay the return fee. Accordingly, if you want to use a pickup service for convenience store shipment, please let us know via our customer support center as soon as possible once the seller sends it out. Tubeat does not take any responsibility for the return of convenience store shipments and the cost of the return due to delayed pickup requests.

Also, the convenience store shipment may be abused for criminal purposes. Please be extra careful if an unknown individual seller tries to ship the item through a convenience store shipment. Tubeat is not responsible for any wrongful interpersonal items transactions caused by the customer's negligence.

Thank you.

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[EVENT] Shipping service FREE gift promotion (2022.09.13.~Until stock runs out)

Hello, this is Tubeat.

From September 13th, Tubeat will present FREE Gifts to all customers using our Tubeat shipping service.

FREE Gift 1. 1 multi-pen
   ※ We will provide one of 5 colors multi-pen at random.

FREE Gift 2. 1 tin case

FREE Gift 3. 1 premium tin case
   ※ We will provide it to customers who have used our shipping service more than 3 times within a month and have paid more than 100,000 KRW for the shipping service.
   ※ We have 6 kinds of premium tin cases, but we will provide one of them at random.

Once all stocks of FREE Gifts run out, Tubeat may provide only one of them, and this event can end early.

Thank you.

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[Shipping] K-packet Delivery Status (Delayed / 22.09.29.)

Hello, this is Tubeat.

Today, on September 29th, Korea Post announced the delay in K-Packet shipment due to the drastically reduced flight schedule. For K-packet Delivery Status Details, please refer to the below.

* K-Packet Delivery Status Base Date: 2022.09.29. (Thu) 09:00, KST

* K-Packet Delivery Status
▶Destination: USA
Exchange office: New York / Shipping status: For packages applied by September 23rd
Exchange office: Los Angeles / Shipping status: For packages applied by September 23rd
Exchange office: Chicago / Shipping status: For packages applied by September 22nd
Exchange office: San Francisco / Shipping status: Closed

▶Destination: Canada
Exchange office: Toronto / Shipping status: For packages applied by September 19th
Exchange office: Vancouver / Shipping status: For packages applied by September 26th

▶Destination: Japan
Exchange office: Tokyo / Shipping status: For packages applied by September 22nd

▶Destination: China
Exchange office: Beijing / Shipping status: For packages applied by September 19th

▶Destination: Vietnam
Exchange office: Hồ Chí Minh / Shipping status: For packages applied by September 23rd

▶Destination: Thailand
Exchange office: Bangkok / Shipping status: For packages applied by September 26th

▶Destination: United Kingdom
Exchange office: London / Shipping status: For packages applied by September 20th

▶Destination: France
Exchange office: Paris / Shipping status: For packages applied by September 23rd

▶Destination: Germany
Exchange office: Frankfurt / Shipping status: For packages applied by September 21st

▶Destination: Philippines
Exchange office: Manila / Shipping status: For packages applied by September 26th

▶Destination: Hong Kong
Exchange office: Hong Kong / Shipping status: For packages applied by September 27th

▶Destination: Singapore
Exchange office: Singapore / Shipping status: For packages applied by September 27th

▶Destination: Russia
Exchange office: Moscow / Shipping status: Suspended

▶Destination: Malaysia
Exchange office: Kuala Lumpur / Shipping status: For packages applied by September 23rd

▶Destination: Taiwan
Exchange office: Taipei/ Shipping status: For packages applied by September 27th

▶Destination: Brazil
Exchange office: São Paulo / Shipping status: For packages applied by September 26th

▶Destination: Spain
Exchange office: Madrid / Shipping status: For packages applied by September 26th

If anyone has items to be shipped by K-packet, please note the delay notice above and select courier when you request shipping.

Thank you.

Shopping platform for global customers.

Shop Korean products and ship them to your country with Tubeat.
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Experience Tubeat's one-stop shopping.

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    You can buy products from all Korean store such as SMTOWN&STORE, Withdrama, Coupang and Naver even you don’t have an account.

  • Send Payment

    You can immediately send payment to the Korean shopping mall or the Twitter seller.

  • Worldwide Shipping

    You can receive all your products at your FREE private address. Store them safely and bundle them into one for worldwide shipping at a reasonable shipping fee.

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    You can buy products directly from Korean sellers by Tubeat's Buy Product or Send Payment features.

  • Receiving and Repacking

    If your products arrive at Tubeat, you can request bundle packing or customized packing for your product.

  • Shipping to Worldwide

    Once the packaging is complete, compare every shipping fee and ship the product internationally using the cheapest shipping method.

There is more at Tubeat.

Tubeat is creating a service that anyone has ever imagined or needed.
Experience limitless shopping in Korea with Tubeat.

Payment, Buying and Shipping

Tubeat provides all the necessary features for shopping, such as buying products, sending payments, and shipping.

Worldwide Partners

Tubeat made official partnerships with the World Famous Companies such as Paypal, Shinhan Bank, Post Office, and UPS.

Convenient and Safe

Check the photo of your product as soon as it arrives at Tubeat. You can manage it yourself. Store it safely and manage it conveniently.

Everything is in your hand.

All functions of Tubeat are also available as a smartphone application.
Tubeat supports both Android and iOS.

Fast and flexible packaging

From an envelope to large bundled packages, Tubeat can pack your items fast and safely and also can handle any special packaging flexibly.

Continuous update service

Creative and passionate people are making Tubeat Service
Please look forward to Tubeat continuing.

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This is the review of the people who used Tubeat.

This is a valuable review from those who use Tubeat.
Regardless of the good and bad of the review, we will actively reflect all the opinions you left.

Tubeat answered ALL my questions, their customer support is super fast and kind! The packing was quicly and everything was perfectly packaged, the fee of the box was cheap! Also their service for se

- dia**********

Staff was so kind, Good service, fast shipping

- atc*********

Everything arrived perfectly! Thank you Tubeat Team

- crr*******

and one more huge thank you for the second package (which arrived perfectly and REALLY fast even though it was holidays!) and for being the most responsive service ever. keep up the good work,. hopefu

- suo***

well, we’re here to express some love and gratitude to the best warehouse and buy/shipping service out there so far! our impressions of using tubeat can be divided into several episodes. but let&#

- suo***

Compared to the existing service, tubeat is really cheap. I especially love your exchange rate.

- jul*****

Love the buying service ~ so easy to use and it is free !

- sti******

best proxy service ever !! I've never seen a warehouse that provides arrival box image for free !!!!!

- pro******

주말에 신청한 거라 늦어질까봐 걱정했는데 주말에도 가능하네요. 굿굿

- ser***

결제 너무 빠르네요. 이제 튜빗 없으면 어쩌나 싶어요~

- luc*****

I love Tubeat's free storage. I've used another warehouse for a long time, but it charges a storage fee;(

- Kit*************

Other proxy companies charge storage, and their service fees are too expensive, but Tubeat is not!!! AMAZING!!!

- cat*****
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