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Exchange Rate
Tubeat 1,214.72KRW
Is it difficult to use the Korean payment system?
Want to send money safely and quickly to Korean account?
Try Tubeat Send Payment Service!

Bank transfer, Deposit without a bankbook, Remit to a virtual account
Tubeat can do it all in real time.
Try Tubeat send payment service and send your money safely and quickly.

Want to buy Korean products from abroad?
Try Tubeat Buy Product Service!

Even if you do NOT have your own account,
Even if you are NOT familiar to order Korean online shopping mall,
Tubeat can do it on your behalf.

Want to get a refund to a Korean account?
Get a refund safely through Tubeat bank account!

Do you need a refund?
You can safely get your money back using a Tubeat bank account.
(Only for the transactions made through Tubeat services)

Looking for a safe place to keep your Korean products?
Leave them to Tubeat Warehouse!

Tubeat provides FREE Korean addresses.
All products stored in the Tubeat warehouse are safely stored
until they will ship abroad.

Are you sick of the high delivery fees?
Do you have any special requests?
Try Tubeat Shipping Service!

Pack all products together and Reduce your delivery fees.
Custom packaging, One-day packaging, Items photo, Items review, and Return
Compare each delivery fee for every courier and Select the cheapest way.
Tubeat will send your parcel anywhere you want.

Informing you on Tubeat.

I'll let you know everything that's going on at Tubeat.
Please read the following and feel free to let us know if you have any questions.

  • Event
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[EVENT] Shipping service promotion (2023.06.01.~2023.08.31.)

Hello, this is Tubeat.

From June 1st to August 31st, Tubeat's Shipping service promotion will be held.
During this period, the Shipping service fees will be discounted. Please enjoy our convenient services.
Please carefully note that you cannot get discounts for the event if you submit a shipping service request for another Korean address.

▶[Pickup for convenience store shipment]◀
- 2,000 KRW per package

- Free for 1 year for parcels registered during the promotion period.
- After the free storage period, 1,000 KRW will be charged daily.

▶[Parcel Registration]◀
- Small (Mail/Letter) : 500 KRW
- Medium (Regular Parcel) : 1,000 KRW
- Large (Weight & Volumetric weight Over 10KG) : 1,500 KRW

- Small (Mail/Letter) : 500 KRW
- Medium (Regular Parcel) : 1,000 KRW
- Large (Weight & Volumetric weight Over 10KG) : 1,500 KRW
※ However, the box fee is NOT included.

▶[Customized Packing]◀
- Small (Mail/Letter) : FREE
- Medium (Regular Parcel) : FREE
- Large (Weight & Volumetric weight Over 10KG) : FREE
※ Please refer to a separate announcement for customized packaging service requests.

▶[Express Packing]◀
- Small (Mail/Letter) : FREE
- Medium (Regular Parcel) : FREE
- Large (Weight & Volumetric weight Over 10KG) : FREE
※ During the promotion period, you can use a customized packing service and an express packing service altogether.
※ Please refer to a separate announcement for express packaging service requests.

▶[Items Photo Or an Unboxing Video]◀
- Small (Mail/Letter) : FREE
- Medium (Regular Parcel) : FREE
- Large (Weight & Volumetric weight Over 10KG) : FREE
※ Please refer to a separate announcement for item photo service requests.

▶[Items Review]◀
- Small (Mail/Letter) : FREE
- Medium (Regular Parcel) : FREE
- Large (Weight & Volumetric weight Over 10KG) : FREE
※ Please refer to a separate announcement for item review service requests.

- Small (Mail/Letter) : FREE
- Medium (Regular Parcel) : FREE
- Large (Weight & Volumetric weight Over 10KG) : FREE
※ Please refer to a separate announcement for return service requests.

The above service fees do NOT contain the payment process fees (PayPal fee or Credit/Debit card fee).
Please kindly understand that we can NOT discount the above service fees after the promotion period.

Thank you.

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[Shipping] Announcement for updating shipping fees

Hello, this is Tubeat.

Currently, Tubeat updates each shipping fee for every courier you can use. However, starting September 1st, 2023, we would like to inform you that we will only be updating the shipping fees for couriers other than Sea Parcel and Air Mail shipments. For customers who wish to check the shipping fees for Sea Parcel shipments or Air Mail shipments, please make sure to enter "Sea Parcel" or "Air Mail" on the "Other Requests" field when you submit a shipping service. However, in cases where the use of these couriers is unavoidable for specific countries, please note that we will update the shipping fees for these couriers even without special requests.

Thank you.

  • Notification
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[Service Termination] Tubeat Service to Cease Operations on December 31, 2023

Dear valued users,

First and foremost, the Tubeat Team wishes to extend our deepest appreciation for the unwavering support and affection you have generously bestowed upon our service. Each moment shared with you throughout our journey holds a treasured place in our hearts.

After careful and profound contemplation within the company, it is with a heavy heart that we announce the termination of the Tubeat service. The official discontinuation date is set for December 31, 2023, with some services ceasing operations progressively prior to this date.

Please find the detailed timeline for service termination below:

- Payment and Purchase Services: November 10, 2023
- Receiving of Shipped Products: November 24, 2023
- Dispatching of Shipped Products: December 29, 2023

Additionally, the support services will adhere to the following schedule:

- Customer Service, Refunds including Deposits, and Shipping-related Support: Until December 31, 2023
- SNS Channel and Membership Registration Services: Until October 25, 2023

It is essential to heed the following advisories:

- Products arriving after the closing date for receiving shipped products might be returned. We recommend updating your delivery address on shopping platforms accordingly.
- For items purchased through our service and expected to arrive post-November 24, a separate notification will be provided.
- Depending on the circumstances, we might be unable to assist with tasks such as product photography.
- In cases where the service termination procedure requires, we shall reach out individually to ensure no inconvenience or detriment befalls our users.

In compliance with the e-commerce regulations and personal information protection laws of South Korea, personal data will be systematically eradicated by December 31, 2023, while transaction records may be retained for a maximum of five years.

We pledge to exert our utmost efforts to mitigate any inconveniences or adversities that might arise during this transition. Should there be any further updates or information, we commit to keeping you promptly informed.

Once again, from the depths of our hearts, we thank each and every one of you for entrusting and using the Tubeat service. We shall persevere to offer our best support until the very end.

With profound gratitude,

The Tubeat Team

Shopping platform for global customers.

Shop Korean products and ship them to your country with Tubeat.
The easiest, cheapest, and most convenient way to buy Korean products is on Tubeat.
Experience Tubeat's one-stop shopping.

  • Buy Product

    You can buy products from all Korean store such as SMTOWN&STORE, Withdrama, Coupang and Naver even you don’t have an account.

  • Send Payment

    You can immediately send payment to the Korean shopping mall or the Twitter seller.

  • Worldwide Shipping

    You can receive all your products at your FREE private address. Store them safely and bundle them into one for worldwide shipping at a reasonable shipping fee.

Tubeat in your Hand
Download Tubeat Mobile Application Today!

We Finally Released Tubeat Mobile Application! Download it today and Enjoy Tubeat in your Hand

Android iOS

Tubeat is convenient.

Tubeat is always thinking about providing easy service to our customers.
Get out from expensive, difficult, and complex policies.

  • Buy product or Payment.

    You can buy products directly from Korean sellers by Tubeat's Buy Product or Send Payment features.

  • Receiving and Repacking

    If your products arrive at Tubeat, you can request bundle packing or customized packing for your product.

  • Shipping to Worldwide

    Once the packaging is complete, compare every shipping fee and ship the product internationally using the cheapest shipping method.

There is more at Tubeat.

Tubeat is creating a service that anyone has ever imagined or needed.
Experience limitless shopping in Korea with Tubeat.

Payment, Buying and Shipping

Tubeat provides all the necessary features for shopping, such as buying products, sending payments, and shipping.

Worldwide Partners

Tubeat made official partnerships with the World Famous Companies such as Paypal, Shinhan Bank, Post Office, and UPS.

Convenient and Safe

Check the photo of your product as soon as it arrives at Tubeat. You can manage it yourself. Store it safely and manage it conveniently.

Everything is in your hand.

All functions of Tubeat are also available as a smartphone application.
Tubeat supports both Android and iOS.

Fast and flexible packaging

From an envelope to large bundled packages, Tubeat can pack your items fast and safely and also can handle any special packaging flexibly.

Continuous update service

Creative and passionate people are making Tubeat Service
Please look forward to Tubeat continuing.

Ready to join Tubeat?
Sign up now and get your free private address.

Get your address by joining Tubeat
and begin your shopping right now.

Tubeat을 이용하신 분들의 이용 후기 입니다.

Tubeat을 이용하시는 분들께서 남겨주신 소중한 후기 입니다.
후기의 좋고 나쁨을 떠나 남겨주신 의견은 모두 적극적으로 반영하도록 하겠습니다.

Fast payment transfer

- isa*******

Very fast !

- ten********

Thank you for everything you are the best!!

- car***********

The "Buy Product" service was super fast. The order was placed in a few hours and a proof of purchase was added to my account. When the products arrived at the warehouse, I was quickly notifie

- atz*********

It was so fast. Thank you for your service ^^

- eve*************

smooth transaction as always :)

- tae*********

package arrive, thank you so much for help

- vir************

Received my first K-Address parcel from tubeat this week! It's my first time using a service like this and I had many questions about every little thing but the Tubeat Team diligently answered the

- hsu********

I chose Tubeat because they offer convenience store pickup! I made a big mistake with my first transaction, but what left a strong impression on me was the kindness and patience of the Tubeat team as

- eva*********

Reasonable Fee and Fast Process!!

- das***

I made a mistake in calculating the total for the buy request and TuBeat were quick to contact me to rectify the issue. They were very accommodating for specific requests. I cannot recommend TuBeat en

- pen*******

All of my albums were opened as instructed and everything was packed so carefully! I am so thankful for the Tubeat team for all of their help <3

- ken**********
Awards and History
  • Trade, Industry and Energy(Award)
  • A.I. Industry Association(Director)
  • Edutech Industry Association(Director)
  • Society of e-Learning(Director)
  • Member of Co-Industry in OCU
  • 지능정보산업협회지능정보산업협회
  • 한국열린사이버대학교한국열린사이버대학교
  • 이러닝학회이러닝학회
  • edutechedutech
Main Partners
  • LG U+ Academy
  • Ministry of Education
  • Yonsei University College
  • Fintech EDU
  • 한국과학창의제단한국과학창의제단
  • 교육부교육부
  • LG QriusLG Qrius
  • 연세대학교 의과대학연세대학교 의과대학
Finance Partners
  • PayPal
  • Shinhan Bank
  • PayPalPayPal
  • 신한은행신한은행
Logistic Partners
  • UPS
  • K-Packet
  • EMS
  • Korea Post
  • EMS Premium
  • K-PacketK-Packet
  • 우체국택배우체국택배
  • EMS프리미엄EMS프리미엄
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